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Map downloads - scale

Madpom > 2018/02/09 18:59

Having just checked - no: scale is not preserved when printing. You will need to rely on the 1km grid squares to identify the scale of the printed map.

Madpom > 2018/02/09 18:02

re points 2&3:

Grid lines are grid north.

Magnetic declination for any NZ location is available at:

Re point 1: I'll have to check. The scale is accurate for what is displayed on your screen based on the screen resolution & dimensions your computer reports. On my pc they are accurate but I can't guarantee all pcs, phones, tablets accurately report screen dimensions.

The thing I'll have to check is whether this scale is preserved when printing.

Tdekeizer > 2018/02/08 13:58

Hi I just wanted to confirm some things about the maps being downloaded through the site.
1. Are they actually at the scale as indicated on the map when you click Save i.e 1:14000 etc
2. Are the grid lines Grid North.
3. Can you get the Grid to Magnetic angle anywhere.
i.e can we use these downloaded and printed maps for compass navigation ?