Routes needing times adding - have you been on these routes?

Madpom > 2015/07/09 08:06

The following routes have no time against them. If anyone reading this has been there and knows how long it takes, could they edit the route and put the time in for us?

403 - Homer Tunnel East Portal to Gulliver Road End via The Grave Talbot Pass
581 - Edwards Hut to join the Mingha river via Williams Saddle
788 - Rockburn hut ruin to Theater Flat Campspot via Rock Burn
789 - Theater Flat Campspot to Lake Unknown Bivy Rock via Southern Rock Burn Flats
790 - Theater Flat Campspot to Lake Unknown Bivy Rock via Southern Theatre Flat
791 - Park Pass to Lake Unknown Bivy Rock via Park Pass Glacier
792 - North Col to Lake Wilson Campsite via Serpentine Range
793 - Earnslaw Burn to Earnslaw Burn Rock Biv via Earnslaw Burn
794 - Earnslaw Burn Rock Biv to Earnslaw Burn via Lovers Leap
795 - Earnslaw Burn Rock Biv to Kea Basin - Lennox Creek Turnoff via Lennox Pass
796 - Earnslaw Burn Rock Biv to Dans Paddock via Turret Ridge
797 - Earnslaw Burn Rock Biv to River Jordan via Turret Ridge
799 - Lochganar Hut to Rees Saddle via Snowy Creek
800 - Lochganar Hut to Centaur Lake via Glencairn Spur and Creek
801 - Centaur Lake to Centaur Peak via Upper Glencairn Creek
802 - Centaur Lake to Twenty Five Mile Hut via Little Devil Creek
798 - Lake Creek Junction to Lochganar Hut via Lake Creek and Goatel Rock Biv
559 - Top Hut to Hunter River below Banana Tarn Pass via Banana Tarn Pass
580 - The Rock Biv to Paringa McCullaugh saddle via tops traverse
473 - Erewhon to St Winifreds Hut via wide canterbury riverbed

You can find the routes either using the map, or by typing the name in the 'find' screen.

By the way - It's ok to edit routes / places someone else created - so long as you're adding / correcting / improving the information. This site is a wiki and aims to be the sum of everyone's knowledge.