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Splitting routes

Madpom > 2015/07/16 07:55

It is now possible to split existing route segments into two parts. This is handy if you want to add a route that branches off an existing route part way along, and feel that the new route is important enough to warrant splitting the old route at the intersection.

- View the route you want to split and click on the axe symbol next to the title.
- You will be asked to select or create the place at which the route will be split. The place must be on the route line (within 200m, but closer is better) or the split operation will fail and you'll be asked to re-edit the place to move it closer.
- Once you've selected or created the place, the existing route will be split into two at that point.
- You will be asked to edit the first section of the new split route to correct the description and time.
- Once you've saved that you'll similarly be asked to edit the second half.

Easy enough? Hope so.

Fragmentation of routes into lost of small part affects the readability of the route, so think before you split. As a guideline, major track junctions, huts, new catchments definitely warrent splitting routes. Minor, little used routes up each spur of a catchment probably don't. If you don;t want to split a route, use the link place to route feature discussed earlier to link the startplace of your new route to the old route it intersects part-way along.

Clear as mud, eh?