Time and description in routes - what do you think?

Yarmoss > 2015/07/07 15:37

Good call, Matt. Some squiggly lines drawn on a map would be a lot more use with a description and an estimated time. Shame, as the ones I think you are talking about were exactly in the area you and I were discussing a few weeks ago. Hopefully the user will come back and add more details.

Madpom > 2015/07/03 21:11

I've re-enabled the validation rules around creating/editing routes. These rules force users to enter a time, route points and a description (either forward or reverse or both) when creating / editing routes. These validations were temporarily removed as they were breaking 'draft' routes.

The reason I've done this now is that a number of otherwise interesting routes have been added without a time. They look like great journeys, but unfortunately, the lack of a time breaks the system that maps the best through routes available on the site ('places you can go from here', and 'find start to end').

I'm very happy to hear from users whether they think entering routes with no time or description is something I need to allow. If people want that, I'm happy to make the changes to get the site working happily without these parameters and then to remove the validations again. That would effectively mean me either: coming up with a model to guess journey time / route preference based on the terrain, route type, distance etc; or allowing blank entries but excluding them from the through routes.

So, please get back to me with your feedback. And sorry for changing the rules on you mid-game.