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NZTM2000: 1909316, 5674218 (alt: 479m)

The former Tarawera Hotel, now called the Tarawera Cafe. The start of a long 4WD track into the lower Matakuhia. Approximately the half-way point between Napier and Taupo on SH5.

The cafe allows/welcomes camping on the large grassy flat outside, where there are public toilets but no other facilities. With the owners living on site- this would also seem a safe place to leave a vehicle.

Both intercity and nakedbus drive the route, but nakedbus do not guarantee to stop at intermediate stops between Napier and Taupo - so it's down to the driver's good will if you travel with them. Intercity have a scheduled stop at Tarawera - at the old Ministry of Works depot 800m south of the cafe, which is the only place the bus can pull off the road. The cafe is on a blind corner and is not a spot the bus can safely stop.

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