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NZTM2000: 1264342, 5065697
359431.88 ha


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[ZLP/OT-0039] Te Koroka (Slip Stream) Special Area
[ZLP/WC-0002] Mount Aspiring National Park
[ZLP/WC-0010] Olivine Wilderness Area

[ZLL/0066] Charlies Ponds
[ZLL/0068] Cloudmaker Lake
[ZLL/0080] Crescent Lake
[ZLL/0081] Crucible Lake
[ZLL/0112] Fohn Lakes
[ZLL/0209] Lake Barra
[ZLL/0241] Lake Castalia
[ZLL/0267] Lake Diana
[ZLL/0276] Lake Douglas
[ZLL/0283] Lake Eggeling
[ZLL/0315] Lake Greaney
[ZLL/0326] Lake Harris
[ZLL/0514] Lake Mystery
[ZLL/0517] Lake Never
[ZLL/0726] Lake Sylvan
[ZLL/0784] Lake Unknown
[ZLL/0850] Lake Williamson
[ZLL/0851] Lake Wilmot
[ZLL/0852] Lake Wilson
[ZLL/0876] Lucidus Lake
[ZLL/0904] Minim Mere
[ZLL/0926] Nerine Lake

[ZL3/FL-004] ZL3/FL-004
[ZL3/FL-009] Intervention Ridge
[ZL3/FL-015] Niobe Peak
[ZL3/FL-017] Blockade Peak
[ZL3/FL-022] Mount Gates
[ZL3/FL-035] Gyrae
[ZL3/FL-038] McClimont Peak
[ZL3/FL-047] ZL3/FL-047
[ZL3/FL-053] ZL3/FL-053
[ZL3/FL-055] Toreador Peak
[ZL3/FL-064] Angle Peak
[ZL3/FL-067] Trinity (West Peak)
[ZL3/FL-076] Brenda Peak
[ZL3/FL-083] Elespie
[ZL3/FL-101] Emily Peak
[ZL3/FL-118] Fohn
[ZL3/FL-156] ZL3/FL-156
[ZL3/FL-159] Red Mountain
[ZL3/FL-188] ZL3/FL-188
[ZL3/FL-218] Beresford Peak
[ZL3/FL-246] Battlement Peak
[ZL3/FL-313] Beacon
[ZL3/FL-474] Red Hills Range
[ZL3/OT-001] Mount Earnslaw / Pikirakatahi (East Peak)
[ZL3/OT-002] Mount Earnslaw / Pikirakatahi (West Peak)
[ZL3/OT-003] Rob Roy Peak
[ZL3/OT-004] Mount Edward
[ZL3/OT-005] Sir William Peak
[ZL3/OT-006] Mount Avalanche
[ZL3/OT-007] Mount Head
[ZL3/OT-008] O'Leary Peak
[ZL3/OT-010] Mount Tewha
[ZL3/OT-012] Mount Tyndall
[ZL3/OT-014] Pluto Peak
[ZL3/OT-021] Mount Ansted
[ZL3/OT-024] Mount French
[ZL3/OT-025] Albert Peak
[ZL3/OT-026] Turret Head
[ZL3/OT-029] Mount Enderby
[ZL3/OT-038] Somnus
[ZL3/OT-042] Mount Clarke
[ZL3/OT-044] Mount Aeolus
[ZL3/OT-053] Cosmos Peaks
[ZL3/OT-069] Mount Awful
[ZL3/OT-070] Mallory Peak
[ZL3/OT-075] ZL3/OT-075
[ZL3/OT-079] ZL3/OT-079
[ZL3/OT-080] Mount Turner
[ZL3/OT-083] Mount Kuri
[ZL3/OT-085] Hedin Peak
[ZL3/OT-091] ZL3/OT-091
[ZL3/OT-093] ZL3/OT-093
[ZL3/OT-108] Upper Peak
[ZL3/OT-109] Johansen Peak
[ZL3/OT-120] Mount Vesta
[ZL3/OT-122] ZL3/OT-122
[ZL3/OT-125] ZL3/OT-125
[ZL3/OT-127] Homestead Peak
[ZL3/OT-130] ZL3/OT-130
[ZL3/OT-132] Lois Peak
[ZL3/OT-133] Mount Juno
[ZL3/OT-134] Mount Arne
[ZL3/OT-135] Mount Doris
[ZL3/OT-139] Minos Peak
[ZL3/OT-140] Mount Shrimpton
[ZL3/OT-147] Mount Chaos
[ZL3/OT-151] Mount Erebus
[ZL3/OT-159] Mount Cunningham
[ZL3/OT-162] Amphion Peak
[ZL3/OT-166] ZL3/OT-166
[ZL3/OT-168] ZL3/OT-168
[ZL3/OT-169] Mount Broome
[ZL3/OT-170] ZL3/OT-170
[ZL3/OT-173] ZL3/OT-173
[ZL3/OT-174] The Sentinel
[ZL3/OT-177] Mount Nox
[ZL3/OT-181] Misty Peak
[ZL3/OT-182] ZL3/OT-182
[ZL3/OT-185] Young Peak
[ZL3/OT-192] Mount Xenicus
[ZL3/OT-214] ZL3/OT-214
[ZL3/OT-215] ZL3/OT-215
[ZL3/OT-217] Mount Stuart
[ZL3/OT-219] Sisyphus Peak
[ZL3/OT-231] ZL3/OT-231
[ZL3/OT-235] ZL3/OT-235
[ZL3/OT-237] ZL3/OT-237
[ZL3/OT-244] ZL3/OT-244
[ZL3/OT-277] ZL3/OT-277
[ZL3/OT-285] Powder Flask Peak
[ZL3/OT-291] Duncans Knob
[ZL3/OT-293] Topsey
[ZL3/OT-329] Mount Cross
[ZL3/OT-351] Sugar Loaf
[ZL3/WC-007] Mount Aspiring/Tititea
[ZL3/WC-029] Mount Pollux
[ZL3/WC-030] Mount Maori
[ZL3/WC-031] Mount Castor
[ZL3/WC-032] Mount Lydia
[ZL3/WC-034] Mount Brewster
[ZL3/WC-037] Mount Ian
[ZL3/WC-047] Climax Peak
[ZL3/WC-058] Pivot Peak
[ZL3/WC-059] Fastness Peak
[ZL3/WC-060] Munro Peak
[ZL3/WC-061] Glacier Dome
[ZL3/WC-062] Mount Alba
[ZL3/WC-067] Stargazer
[ZL3/WC-084] Farrar Peak
[ZL3/WC-085] Mount Alpha
[ZL3/WC-087] Mount Ionia
[ZL3/WC-089] Pickelhaube
[ZL3/WC-092] Mount Ragan
[ZL3/WC-093] Mount Barff
[ZL3/WC-094] Eros
[ZL3/WC-096] Barrier Range
[ZL3/WC-102] ZL3/WC-102
[ZL3/WC-107] Mount Athene
[ZL3/WC-110] Gable Peak
[ZL3/WC-112] Mount Armstrong
[ZL3/WC-113] Mercury Peak
[ZL3/WC-124] Beauty Ridge
[ZL3/WC-130] Rosy Peak
[ZL3/WC-145] Flanagans Summit
[ZL3/WC-149] Souter Peak
[ZL3/WC-152] Mount Bevan
[ZL3/WC-155] Mount Dreadful
[ZL3/WC-159] Mount Taurus
[ZL3/WC-160] Nansen Peak
[ZL3/WC-166] Fingals Head
[ZL3/WC-168] Mt Attica
[ZL3/WC-171] Tyler
[ZL3/WC-172] Mount Lycia
[ZL3/WC-175] Mount Tyndar
[ZL3/WC-178] Mount Dispute
[ZL3/WC-180] Leda Peak
[ZL3/WC-185] Eyetooth
[ZL3/WC-187] Joe Peak
[ZL3/WC-188] Mount Victor
[ZL3/WC-189] Buncombe
[ZL3/WC-193] Mount Clio
[ZL3/WC-194] Mount Nerger
[ZL3/WC-197] Remote Peaks
[ZL3/WC-203] ZL3/WC-203
[ZL3/WC-206] Mount Selborne
[ZL3/WC-207] Mount Harris
[ZL3/WC-208] Mount Diomede (East Peak)
[ZL3/WC-209] Mount Franklin
[ZL3/WC-213] Mount Axius
[ZL3/WC-214] Mount Ruera
[ZL3/WC-216] Mount Actor
[ZL3/WC-217] Jagged Ridge
[ZL3/WC-219] Mount Campbell
[ZL3/WC-221] ZL3/WC-221
[ZL3/WC-222] ZL3/WC-222
[ZL3/WC-225] Retreat Pinnacles
[ZL3/WC-226] ZL3/WC-226
[ZL3/WC-228] ZL3/WC-228
[ZL3/WC-235] The Joker
[ZL3/WC-237] Lindsay Peak
[ZL3/WC-238] Citheron
[ZL3/WC-242] The Keystone
[ZL3/WC-243] Mount Warren
[ZL3/WC-246] Alfred Peak
[ZL3/WC-252] Mount Burke
[ZL3/WC-260] Mount Duncan
[ZL3/WC-263] Cilicia Peak
[ZL3/WC-265] Mount Helen
[ZL3/WC-268] ZL3/WC-268
[ZL3/WC-270] Browning Range
[ZL3/WC-271] Two Peters
[ZL3/WC-277] Retreat Peaks
[ZL3/WC-281] Mt Bertha
[ZL3/WC-285] Mount Action
[ZL3/WC-288] The Wart
[ZL3/WC-291] Mount Argos
[ZL3/WC-300] Selborne Range
[ZL3/WC-311] Mount Abrupt
[ZL3/WC-318] ZL3/WC-318
[ZL3/WC-342] Mount Webster
[ZL3/WC-364] Howe Knob
[ZL3/WC-374] Macpherson Knob
[ZL3/WC-381] The Rampart
[ZL3/WC-389] Browning Range
[ZL3/WC-395] The Cairn
[ZL3/WC-403] Rough Ridge
[ZL3/WC-406] Mount Watney
[ZL3/WC-413] Mount Marks
[ZL3/WC-457] Mount Heveldt
[ZL3/WC-475] Mount Barry
[ZL3/WC-484] ZL3/WC-484
[ZL3/WC-550] The Pommel

[ZLH/OT-017] Cameron Hut
[ZLH/OT-022] Daleys Flat Hut
[ZLH/OT-023] Dart Hut
[ZLH/OT-029] Earnslaw Hut
[ZLH/OT-030] Esquilant Bivvy Hut
[ZLH/OT-034] French Ridge Hut
[ZLH/OT-051] Liverpool Hut
[ZLH/OT-055] Makarora Hut
[ZLH/OT-070] Routeburn Falls Hut
[ZLH/OT-071] Routeburn Flats Hut
[ZLH/OT-076] Shelter Rock Hut
[ZLH/OT-077] Siberia Hut
[ZLH/OT-078] Siberia Hut
[ZLH/OT-087] Top Forks Hut
[ZLH/OT-088] Top Forks Old Hut
[ZLH/OT-098] Young Hut
[ZLH/SL-096] Olivine Hut
[ZLH/WC-011] Brewster Hut
[ZLH/WC-028] Colin Todd Hut
[ZLH/WC-158] Wills Hut

Pota parks
[ZL-0176] Olivine Wilderness Area