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[ZLP/ZZ-0001] Auckland Islands Marine Mammal Sanctuary
[ZLP/ZZ-0002] Kermadec Islands Marine Reserve
[ZLP/ZZ-0008] Subantarctic Islands National Reserves
[ZLP/ZZ-0009] Auckland Islands Nature Reserve
[ZLP/ZZ-0010] Campbell Island Nature Reserve
[ZLP/ZZ-0011] Kermadec Islands Nature Reserve (All Islands)
[ZLP/ZZ-0012] Antipodes Islands Nature Reserve
[ZLP/ZZ-0013] Snares Islands Nature Reserve
[ZLP/ZZ-0014] Bounty Islands Nature Reserve

[ZLI/ZZ-001] Adams Island
[ZLI/ZZ-003] Antipodes Island
[ZLI/ZZ-006] Archway Island
[ZLI/ZZ-007] Auckland Island
[ZLI/ZZ-008] Auckland Islands
[ZLI/ZZ-014] Bollons Island
[ZLI/ZZ-019] Broughton Island
[ZLI/ZZ-023] Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku
[ZLI/ZZ-027] Castle Island
[ZLI/ZZ-042] Davis Island
[ZLI/ZZ-045] Dent Island
[ZLI/ZZ-047] Depot Island
[ZLI/ZZ-049] Disappointment Island
[ZLI/ZZ-052] Dundas Island
[ZLI/ZZ-055] East Windward Island
[ZLI/ZZ-057] Enderby Island
[ZLI/ZZ-058] Ewing Island
[ZLI/ZZ-060] Figure of Eight Island
[ZLI/ZZ-064] Frenchs Island
[ZLI/ZZ-065] Friday Island
[ZLI/ZZ-067] Gomez Island
[ZLI/ZZ-068] Green Island
[ZLI/ZZ-081] Isle de Jeanette Marie
[ZLI/ZZ-082] Jacquemart Island
[ZLI/ZZ-090] Leeward Island
[ZLI/ZZ-096] Main Group
[ZLI/ZZ-098] Masked Island
[ZLI/ZZ-102] Monowai Island
[ZLI/ZZ-103] Monumental Island
[ZLI/ZZ-107] North East Island
[ZLI/ZZ-112] Ocean Island
[ZLI/ZZ-114] Orde Lees Islet
[ZLI/ZZ-116] Penguin Island
[ZLI/ZZ-121] Proclamation Island
[ZLI/ZZ-127] Rose Island
[ZLI/ZZ-132] Ruatara Island
[ZLI/ZZ-135] Shoe Island
[ZLI/ZZ-142] Spider Island
[ZLI/ZZ-146] Survey Island
[ZLI/ZZ-155] Tunnel Island
[ZLI/ZZ-160] Wasp Island
[ZLI/ZZ-165] West Windward Island
[ZLI/ZZ-172] Yule Island

[ZLL/0005] Albatross Tarns
[ZLL/0346] Lake Hinemoa
[ZLL/0715] Lake Speight
[ZLL/0779] Lake Turbott
[ZLL/0782] Lake Tutanekai
[ZLL/0933] North Tarn
[ZLL/1034] Sorensen Tarn
[ZLL/1065] Teal Lake

[ZL9/AD-001] Mt Dick
[ZL9/AD-002] The Dome
[ZL9/AI-001] Cavern Peak
[ZL9/AI-002] Mt Raynal
[ZL9/AI-003] Mt Easton
[ZL9/AI-004] ZL9/AI-004
[ZL9/AI-005] Omega Peak
[ZL9/AI-006] ZL9/AI-006
[ZL9/AI-007] Flagstaff
[ZL9/AN-001] Mount Galloway
[ZL9/AN-002] Bollons Island
[ZL9/AN-003] West Windward Island
[ZL9/AN-004] East Windward Island
[ZL9/CI-001] Mt Honey
[ZL9/CI-002] Mt Dumas
[ZL9/CI-003] Mt Azimuth
[ZL9/CI-004] Mt Paris
[ZL9/CI-005] Near Mt Lyall
[ZL9/CI-006] Puiseux Peak
[ZL9/CI-007] Eboule Peak
[ZL9/CI-008] Denver Peak
[ZL9/CI-009] Jacquemart Island
[ZL9/CI-010] Hook Keys
[ZL9/CI-011] Dent Island
[ZL9/DI-001] Disappointment Island