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Stats for callsign
Place Code Activated Chased
Horomaka Island Hut ZLH/CB-097 YES YES
Pack Horse Hut ZLH/CB-149
Otamahau Hut ZLH/CB-224 YES YES
Total Huts: 3 2 2
Aua / King Billy Island ZLI/CB-001
Horomaka Island ZLI/CB-009 YES YES
Otamahua/Quail Island ZLI/CB-020 YES YES
Pukerauaruhe Island ZLI/CB-024
Ripapa Island ZLI/CB-029
The Long Boat ZLI/CB-034
Total Islands: 6 2 2
Albert Lake ZLL/0006 YES YES
Brooklands Lagoon ZLL/0054 YES YES
Horseshoe Lake ZLL/0148 YES YES
Kaituna Lagoon ZLL/0170 YES YES
Lake Forsyth (Wairewa) ZLL/0301 YES YES
Total Lakes: 5 5 5
Waimakariri River Regional Park ZLP/CB-0023 YES YES
Te Oka Bay Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0093
Wairewa Conservation Area ZLP/CB-0110 YES YES
Misty Peaks Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0119
Ellangowan Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0147
Bowenvale Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0171
Mt Herbert Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0172
Scarborough Farm Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0186 YES YES
Conservation Area Lakelands Wildlife Reserve ZLP/CB-0189
Carews Peak Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0200 YES YES
Kaitorete Spit Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0210
Saddle Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0230 YES YES
Conservation Area Pacific Ocean Foreshore Kaitorete Spit ZLP/CB-0232
Adderley Head Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0235
Mt Sinclair Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0239 YES YES
Conservation Area Motukarara Rail Trail ZLP/CB-0245
Tauhinukorokio/Mount Pleasant Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0250 YES YES
Riccarton Racecourse ZLP/CB-0265 YES YES
Riccarton Racecourse Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0266 YES YES
Sugarloaf Scenic Reserve/Te Heru o Kahukura ZLP/CB-0269 YES YES
Recreation Reserve Lyttelton ZLP/CB-0270 YES YES
Palm Gully Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0272
Templeton Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0280 YES YES
Richmond Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0286
North Hagley Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0302 YES YES
Tihiokahukura/Castle Rock Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0312
Quail Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0323 YES YES
Waihora Scientific Reserve ZLP/CB-0324
Peraki Saddle Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0336
Waipuna Saddle Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0346
South Hagley Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0350
Victoria Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0356 YES YES
Rawhiti Domain Recreation Reserve (known as Rawhiti Domain) ZLP/CB-0371
Travis Wetland Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0385
Seafield Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0394
Recreation Reserve Bottlelake Beach Foreshore ZLP/CB-0428
Devils Gap Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0432
Spencer Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0447 YES YES
Waimairi and Brighton Beaches Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0454
Mt Fitzgerald Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0458
Recreation Reserve Duvauchelle ZLP/CB-0472
Barnett Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0479
Otepatotu Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0485 YES YES
Conservation Area Kaitorete Spit ZLP/CB-0487
Armstrong Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0517 YES YES
Mt Pearce Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0541
Ä€taahua Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0543
Canterbury Park ZLP/CB-0546
Magnet Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0549
Onawe Pa Historic Reserve ZLP/CB-0576
Long Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0578
Horseshoe Lake Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0582 YES YES
Rocking Horse Road Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0592
South New Brighton Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0593 YES YES
Lyttelton Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0599
Burnside Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0605
Thomson Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0618 YES YES
Mt Cavendish Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0625
Roto Kohatu Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0628
Redcliffs Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0629 YES YES
Mary Duncan Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0638
Clare Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0642
Montgomery Park Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0650
Scenic Reserve Dyers Pass ZLP/CB-0656
Kaituna Spur Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0659
Seafield Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0675
Sign of the Packhorse Scenic Reserve Extension ZLP/CB-0697
Nunweek Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0704
Marleys Hill Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0712
Te Oka Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0723
Peraki Bay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0728
Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0734
Avonhead Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0736 YES YES
Allandale Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0768
Elizabeth Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0795 YES YES
Kaituna River Mouth (Te Waihora) Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0797
Warren Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0800
Halswell Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0814
Recreation Reserve Stoddart Point ZLP/CB-0844 YES YES
Historic Reserve Takapuneke ZLP/CB-0845
Jellie Park ZLP/CB-0873
Akaroa Head Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0876
Burwood Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0878
Scenic Reserve Ouruhia ZLP/CB-0879
Goodwin Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0899
Tutakakahikura Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-0905
Westlake Park Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-0950
Akaroa Marine Reserve ZLP/CB-4631
McCormacks Bay ZLP/CB-4633
Rat Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-4638
Horomaka Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-4640 YES YES
Recreation Reserve Onawe ZLP/CB-4641
King Billy Island Scenic Reserve ZLP/CB-4643
Pukerauaruhe Island Recreation Reserve ZLP/CB-4644
Recreation Reserve Monks Bay ZLP/CB-4646
Total Parks: 95 26 26
Waimakariri River Regional Park ZL-0051 YES YES
Total POTA Parks: 1 1 1
SOTA Summit
Mount Herbert/Te Ahu Patiki ZL3/CB-678 YES YES
Saddle Hill ZL3/CB-725 YES YES
Mount Sinclair ZL3/CB-726 YES
French Hill ZL3/CB-735 YES YES
Flag Peak ZL3/CB-737 YES YES
Carews Peak ZL3/CB-746 YES YES
View Hill ZL3/CB-756 YES
Lavericks ZL3/CB-757 YES YES
Duvauchelle Peak ZL3/CB-759 YES YES
Pearce ZL3/CB-760 YES YES
Mount Evans ZL3/CB-770 YES YES
Tauhinukorokio/Mount Pleasant ZL3/CB-822 YES YES
Total SOTA Summits: 12 12 10
Wairewa ZLFF-0040 YES YES
Total WWFF Parks: 1 1 1