Issues with emails from routeguides (activate account, forgotten password) 2 messages - Latest: 2018/03/18 14:38

Madpom >
The mail server has failed again, so emails are not being sent from routeguides. I will set up a new mail server when I get some time. In the meantime the forgotten password feature will not work. Email me at if you need ... (more)

Map downloads - scale 3 messages - Latest: 2018/02/09 18:59

Madpom >
Having just checked - no: scale is not preserved when printing. You will need to rely on the 1km grid squares to identify the scale of the printed map.

Mobile optimisation 10 messages - Latest: 2017/07/13 22:31

Madpom >
Fixed finally - a bugfix for OpenLayers has been posted which fixes the broken map buttons on newer touch devices. Sadly the 'fix' breaks map clicks using a mouse on touch-compatible devices (does anyone ever test anything before releasing?!) ... (more)

Editing 2 messages - Latest: 2017/04/15 13:13

Bernieq >
... or maybe I just need to be a touch more patient - the track now seems to have disappeared off the map!

More issues signing up 1 messages - Latest: 2017/02/12 15:40

Madpom >
I note that microsoft-hosted email accounts (,, etc) still file the account activation emails from routeguides to your spam/junk mail folder. If you're waiting more than a minute or two for an account activation or passwor ... (more)

Issues signing up 1 messages - Latest: 2017/02/12 15:33

Madpom >
Hi folks. The routeguides server ran out of disk space which has caused signups to fail recently. If you tried to sign up recently and failed then my apologies. I've deleted the failed signups so you can now try to sign up again with the same ... (more)

Performance issues 3 messages - Latest: 2016/04/24 14:45

Balrog >
Stick Varnish in front of it? I'm certainly no Varnish expert, but that should theoretically smooth out that sort of problem.

Bugs ..? 24 messages - Latest: 2015/12/22 14:59

Madpom >
The bug that was stopping people from sending personal messages has been fixed - sorry about that and thanks to @bernieq for the email pointing it out.

Public conservation land layer 1 messages - Latest: 2015/10/31 13:48

Madpom >
I've added a layer showing all public conservation land. You can enable this in the 'filter' menu (the icon on the map that's supposed to look like a funnel). You can enable it at any zoom, but beware that downloads can be up to 1MB (zoomed out ... (more)

Comments and posts by non-members 1 messages - Latest: 2015/09/03 14:08

Madpom >
I've enabled posting of comments and forum messages for guests (users without an account). As a guest user, you'll need to supply a (unique) name to go with your post. For logged-in users there is no change. As a guest - if you want your po ... (more)

Map improvements 1 messages - Latest: 2015/08/30 14:22

Madpom >
You'll see the new buttons on the map. A few new features come with these: - Ability to chose what parameter to colour-classify routes by - route type, gradient, skills, etc - Ability to switch between coordinate formats on the map (NZTM2000, ... (more)

Writing up routes you've researched but not experienced 1 messages - Latest: 2015/08/28 13:23

Madpom >
It is now possible to save routes that you haven't walked yourself. If you leave the 'date experienced' blank, then the route will now be flagged as 'not experienced' It will be displayed greyed-out on the map and will have a warning attached w ... (more)

Printing maps 2 messages - Latest: 2015/08/27 07:03

Madpom >
Saving of hi-res maps is now working. Just click on the save button, select the paper size and resolution, and click 'download image'. A new window / tab will open and the map will be loaded. Once download is complete the image will be saved a ... (more)

Maps and airphotos 3 messages - Latest: 2015/08/26 10:08

Madpom >
Airphotos and hi-res, up-to-date topo50 maps are now working (again!) The original (2009) maps are still the default - as they are faster loading / more reliable. But you can use the new 'layers' button to select the LINZ-hosted latest topo5 ... (more)

Hut links 1 messages - Latest: 2015/08/15 18:35

Madpom >
There are now links to the relevent DOC, NZ TrAmper and HutBagger pages against each hut. These were matched up based on geographic proximity so there will be some errors where huts are close together or where one of the four sites has wrong coor ... (more)

Colour schemes 6 messages - Latest: 2015/07/24 13:54

Madpom >
Yes - I set it all up on my own laptop and it all looked good - good contrast between colours. Then looked at it on my work laptop and some of the colours are indistinguishable! Aargh. Will try again. Some work on map stuff is coming soon, ... (more)

Splitting routes 1 messages - Latest: 2015/07/16 07:55

Madpom >
It is now possible to split existing route segments into two parts. This is handy if you want to add a route that branches off an existing route part way along, and feel that the new route is important enough to warrant splitting the old route a ... (more)

Routes needing times adding - have you been on these routes? 1 messages - Latest: 2015/07/09 08:06

Madpom >
The following routes have no time against them. If anyone reading this has been there and knows how long it takes, could they edit the route and put the time in for us? 403 - Homer Tunnel East Portal to Gulliver Road End via The Grave Talbo ... (more)

Time and description in routes - what do you think? 2 messages - Latest: 2015/07/07 15:37

Yarmoss >
Good call, Matt. Some squiggly lines drawn on a map would be a lot more use with a description and an estimated time. Shame, as the ones I think you are talking about were exactly in the area you and I were discussing a few weeks ago. Hopefully t ... (more)

New features 1 messages - Latest: 2015/06/26 21:40

Madpom >
All users can now create trips - you don't need to sign up or sign in. When you view a route or place, simply click 'Add to Trip' to start building up your own journey. You can find all the routes you've added in 'My Trip' on the menu bar.

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