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In the tradition of Moir's Guide and Tararua Footprints route guides are not complete trips in themselves: they describe the route from one point to another, be it the ascent of a peak, the crossing of a mountain pass, the descent of a river catchment, or that saturday morning stroll in from the roadend to your favourite hut.

For end to end journeys, look under trips. Build up your own trip by adding routes and places to it - just click 'Add to trip' when you are viewing them. You can have as many trips as you want - they're in your 'Wishlist' under 'Me'. Use the tick to select which trip you want to add items to. And when they're complete and you've walked them - why not add a brief description and publish them to provide inspiration to others.

Route guides and trips are dry and informative - they describe the place and the route, how to get there, but not how it felt to be there, not the events that took place. So for a more enjoyable, descriptive read contribute or read trip reports and stories, and link them back to the routes or trips they describe.

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