GPX upload is now available for routes by dragging and dropping a GPX file into the Route Points box.  The previous interim (cumbersome) cut-and-paste method has been removed.



Comments - you can now comment on everything!  Please feel free to use comments to express opinions, relate experiences and just say your thing.  Note however, that if an article is wrong, don't just write a comment, go in there, edit the item itself, and correct it!  That's what wiki-based projects are all about.


Big feature pack today.  

Photos have been implemented.  You can add, view and search for them.  Please limit contributions to material which illustrates or illuminates routes / places / trips / stories you have added here. There are plenty of photo sharing websites out there for uploading general photos to..

Links section now works.  You can link anything to anything.  This means you can associate photos with places, routes, stories, trips,  or places with routes even where they are not a start or end place (e.g. scenic spots on the way).  You can add links once you have saved an item - click the edit (pencil) icon next to the Links section when viewing a place / route / trip / story / photo.  Then select the item to link to using either the map (click the pointer), or the search fields (click the spyglass). Once selected, click the big Plus to add the link.


Planning routes: Ever wanted to share the details of a planned trip with someone? You can now draw up planned routes on  Simply create a route as you normally would but untick the 'published' checkbox before saving.  The route will be saved, but will only be accessible from your profile page.  You can share it (by telling people the URL) or add it to a trip, but it will not appear in peoples search results or on the default map.  Once you've walked the route you can update the details from your experience and check 'published' to publish the route for normal use.  Or you can edit it and click delete to remove it.


You'll notice new icons on the top of the map.  These currently show the status of the map: the first tells you what clicking the map will do, the rest show what features are being displayed.  You can click on the feature icons to show / hide those feature types. Green means displayed, grey means enabled, but not available at this zoom level (zoom in to view) and orange means hidden.


A new Add Routes screen has been created.  This allows you to write up an entire journey from the one screen: adding places and multiple route segments all in one go.  The old Add Pace and Add Route (now called Add Route Segment) screens are still there, if you prefer them.


Help has been implemented on the Add Place and Add Route screens.  Let me know if there if more information required.  Trips and Stories are also on the list to provide help for...

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