The following are issues I'm aware of:

1. Mobile - maps do not work at all on android stock browser (they do on Chrome though)
2. Mobile - select is only usable using the 'box select' tool. This is an openlayers issue, and the only fix would be to use bigger icons/thicker lines.
3. Deleting items - they are removed from the list, but are still shown on the map until you refresh the webpage (F5)
4. Save Route likely to time-out when a large GPX file is included.  The route saves ok, but the browser has retried the save before the original response is received from the server.  We show an informative error message, but you need to navigate away from the page to continue.  Some neat handling of this would be good!
5. Memory-map did not like (display) our GPX files.  I need someone with memory map to help me test this as they are unwilling to give me a trial license for their GPX load functionality. I believe it's fixed ... but need a tester!

And the following are things that are coming soon:

1) User can select column by which to order browse lists: name, author, lat, long, latest, etc
2) Pagination of search results
3) Add links in 'show-many' routes / places page.
4) Automated testing for forums and comments (I know you don't care ... but if I write it here it will get done)

And other things coming not-so-soon, maybe ...:

1. Maps for Chatham Islands (done), Auckland Islands and Campbell's Island
2. Photos pt 3: Including photos inline in route descriptions - e.g. pictures of passes with route-lines on them
3. Improvements to mail/forums layout
4. Preserving form entries for re-display on back/forward button usage
5. 'Been there, done that'.  The ability to mark a route / place as visited and to filter the map to show only places/routes you've been to/on.

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