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Writing up routes you've researched but not experienced

Madpom > 2015/08/28 13:23

It is now possible to save routes that you haven't walked yourself. If you leave the 'date experienced' blank, then the route will now be flagged as 'not experienced' It will be displayed greyed-out on the map and will have a warning attached whenever is it's details are shown.

Q) Why on earth enable this? Surely it goes against the ethos of a site like this!

A) Mainly, because not-experienced routes were being entered anyway, and because it was better to allow it, and flag the entries with a warning, than simply hide the fact.

Additionally I often find that I've explored an obscure, tough side-route, where a popular direct route is available. It seems silly to write up my bush-bashing without mentioning the fact that there is a DOC-approved alternative there.


Some base rules though

Only enter routes you've not experienced personally if:
a) There is a good reason to do so
b) You've done a large amount of research and are confident in the accuracy of what you write
c) You are clearly referencing the source (and accuracy) of the information.