NZTM2000: 1905783, 5686865 (alt: 707m)

Unmarked roadend and access to the Opureke Track.

Turning east off SH5 a the 'Waipunga RIver Acess' sign, the road drops to the river and crosses it on a bridge. Turning left, north, up the eastern bank takes you along a rough, but 2wd-accessible gravel road through forestry. This enters a long straight after about 3km, then crosses a washed out creek where the bridge has been destroyed. Shortly before the second side-creek beyond the washout (as shown on the topo map) a rough, unsignposted 4wd track cuts east off the road. This heads east then swings south to join the end of the Opureke Track at the boundary of the pines. The start of the tramping track is marked by an orange triangle, but again is not signposted.

The waypoint shown here is from a GPS reading, and should be accurate.

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