NZTM2000: 1279767, 5068560 (alt: 681m)

A basic A-frame bivvy in the upper Minaret Burn. On DOC land but not actively maintained by DOC. The biv has a sleeping platform with room for 2-3 people, though water damage on the north side makes it better for 1-2 at present (2019). A bench and fold-down table complete the furnishings. Water is from a creek 20m away. There is no toilet (or shovel) and no mattresses.

The biv currently (2019) needs some TLC - a leaking laser-light panel on the north wall is letting water in and causing rapid deterioration of the hut structure. A new window pane is needed for the west wall - this has been boarded up in the interim but is also letting in some water. Rotten sections of bunk and flooring also need replqcing, along with a small section of bottom plate. A good project for someone ....

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