NZTM2000: 1153496, 4870678 (alt: 96m)

3-bunk biodiversity hut in a tiny clearing on the west bank of Crombie Stream. The hut is used by DOC staff/volunteers running the Waitutu intensive trapping programme and is an amazing spot for birdlife - most notably a cacophony of kaka (is that the correct collective noun?) such as I've witnessed nowhere else in the country.

The hut has no fire and is situated in the middle of a large swampy flat punctuated only by a small hillock above the hut. It is apparently a lovely place on a nice day.

Trap-lines run north and south of the hut leading to the base of spurs to head up to the Poteriteri - Teal Bay track and down to the Wairaurahiri swingbridge at Wairaurahiri hut.

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