Help - adding a place

Places are location such as huts, peaks, roadends, track junctions, etc.  They describe the location, and what you will find there.  The details of how to get there are contained in the associated routes.

If you are not already looking at the add place screen, use Add -> Place from the menus to get there. It can also be reached by clicking the add  next to start or end place on the Add -> Route screen

1) Complete the fields as described below:

Name (required): Names should be short but identifiable.  If your place has a common name - such as Waterfall Hut, consider clarifying it with a catchment or park name, e.g. Waterfall Hut (Dobson).

Date experienced (required): The date you visited the place, and so the date your information is known to be correct.  If you can't remember, guess!  This is very useful for people assessing the accuracy of what they read on this site. 

If you update a place, you must enter a new 'date experienced; for the update - the date the updated information is known to be correct.

Place type (required): This is the type of place you are describing.  If the place is simply the location at which one route branches off another, select 'junction'.  If no options suit, select 'other'.  Huts, summits, camp sites and camp spots are treated by the site as 'destinations' - and publicised by the site as places to walk to. As such it may not be wise to enter every little flat grassy area you pass as a campspot - describe them in the route instead.

Place owner (optional).  This field is mainly used to identify the ownership of huts and campsites so that people know who to contact for fees.  For other places you can generally leave it blank, unless the ownership is of interest to a reader (e.g. private places requiring permission).

Description (optional).  This is where the details go.  What is at the place? What is it like? Why might you go there?  

What must not be entered here is the route used to reach the place.  Route descriptions can be added by selecting Add -> Route after you've saved the place.  You will be prompted to select the place a route goes to when you create the route, and all associated routes will be displayed below the place when someone views it.

The one exception to that is for roadends - where it would be nice to include driving directions used to reach the roadend in the place description.

Location (required):  This is the most important bit.  The location of the place you are describing.  There are two options, either draw the point on the map, or enter the coordinates.

Option A: enter the coordinates in the fields provided: 
(1) Select the correct projection from the dropdown.
(2) Enter the x (longitude).
(3) Enter the y (latitude).
Note: NTZM, NZMG are in full 7 digit format, e.g. x=1399769, y=5209764. Support for map sheet plus six figure references will come in the future.

Option B: Select the location from the map.
(1) Click the draw icon  to enable selection from the map.
(2) Scroll the map to the desired location and zoom in as far as you can.
(3) Click once on the map at the location you want.
--- The chosen location will be displayed in the x and y boxes in NZTM format.
(4) Turn off map selection by clicking the green tick 

Altitude (optional): If you want to, you can enter the altitude of the place in meters (just the number, do not include an 'm' for meters).  

If you leave the box blank, then upon save the NZ School of Surveying's digital elevation model will be used to determine the altitude at the point you selected. This automatic process is generally accurate enough, unless you are in steep country. The determined altitude will be displayed after you save - you can come back and edit it (by clicking 'Edit' when viewing the saved place) if you're not happy with it.

2) Click Save

The place will be saved.  If any errors are found in the date entered then the screen will be re-displayed with a red border, and an error message at the top will explain what is wrong (scroll up to find it).  

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