What do you do if you have a campground, a hut, a roadend, a lake, all located in the same spot?

Which do you enter into routeguides? And if you create more than one, which do you use for the start and end place when creating routes?

'Links' are here to help you.  


What to do:

The answer is, if each item is important, create them all, link them, then use the most 'important' when creating routes.

For example: Otaki Forks features a DOC campground, a hut (Parawai Lodge) and is an important roadend.  People may be looking for information on or routes to each of these, so enter them all.


How to do it:

1) Create each place in the usual way: your hut, your campground, your roadend, whatever is there that merits a 'place'

2) Link the places

View the first place you created  
  • Click the edit  pencil next to 'Links' (not the one at the top of the screen)
  • Click the find  icon and use the find dialog that opens to locate the next co-located place you want to link
  • Click the  tick next to the place you want to link
     -> The place will be pasted into the Add Links boxes

  • Click the  plus to add the link
     -> The two places will now be linked and each will show up in the others 'Links' section. 
     -> Links are bidirectional, so you don't need to link the second place back to the first

 Repeat for any other co-located places you wish to link


And which do I use when creating routes?

When creating routes, it is best practice to use the most 'important' place.  The system will cope if you don;t but it means the information presented will be more relevant and consistent.  

Importance in the site is generally (most important at top):

  • Hut
  • Roadend
  • Campground
  • Summit / viewpoint
  • Other natural features
  • Junctions

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