If you would like to create a place to describe a place of interest along your route, but really don't need to break the route into 2 segments starting and ending there ... don't worry.  Links are here to help!

e.g - Travelling from the Hidden Falls valley to Fohn Lakes you pass the significant landmark Fiery Col.  The author reckoned quite rightly that Fiery Col was significant enough to mark on the map, but didn't see merit in breaking the route there.


The solution:

  • Create the through route from your start place to your end place - in this case Hidden Falls to Fohn Lakes
  • Create the place-of-interest - in this case Fiery Col
  • Clink the  pencil next to 'Links' when viewing either item (e.g. on the place fiery col)
  • Use the find feature  to locate your other item - (e.g. enter 'Fohn' and tick 'name' and 'route' to find the route to/from Fohn Lakes)
          -> All items matching your search criteria will be listed
  • Click the green tick  next to the route you want to link
          -> The route will be displayed in the Add Link boxes
  • Click the green plus  to add the link

Now, the website will know that that place lies on that route:
  • it will list that place as a destination via that route
  • when viewing that place it will list other destinations via the route

The big downside is that since your place lies part-way along the route, the system has no idea how far from either end it its, and all distances and times quoted to/from this place will be wrong.

As such - it's fine to use this for points of interest like a col or a viewpoint. But for important places where major routes join, or where people are likely to be staying for the night, it is still best to end one route segment and start another, so that we can get accurate times and distances.

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