After two hours walking up through the bush and scrub and ten minutes more after a leisurely lunch stop on the last sunny gravel bar, we cross into the shade on crunchy frozen snow and clamber up the last 10m of easy boulders joining the others on the low moraine wall. 

The narrow lake fills out the valley below - blue, cold, flat and half covered in slush ice and floating avalanche debris from the last snowfall. To the left, the shaded south face of the Butler range soars frozen overhead and slightly gentler snow covered  scree and boulders sweep up to the right. The only sunshine reflects in from the head of the valley where snowy peaks rise above a glacier.

Ice lake is well named, easy to get to and spectacular. We spend a couple of hours exploring the shoreline and taking great photos before retreating back towards the sunny and dry Top Butler Hut.

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