From Kyeburn Huts to Buster Diggings Junction via Mt Buster Road
Distance: 5.9 km (2.0 DOC hours) - Road - Easy terrain
Altitude: 650m to 1221m. Gain: 22m. Loss: 571m . Gradient: 6 deg (Moderate)
Skills: Alpine weather (2/7) - Occasional rivers (3/6)
GPX info source: Drawn on map

A steep, rough 4WD road zigzags down the face of the Hawkdons from Buster Diggings to Little Kyeburn Huts. The creek crossing to reach the huts on the south bank of Little Kyeburn is knee deep in normal flows and can flood. The hut on the north bank of the creek is private.

Created by: Madpom on 2016-08-14. Experienced: 2016-06-01
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