Distance: 2.5 km (1.5 DOC hours) - Unmarked route, clear - Moderate terrain
Altitude: 1006m to 1632m. Gain: 193m. Loss: 626m . Gradient: 20 deg (Moderate)
Skills: Alpine weather (2/7)
GPX info source: Drawn on map

Head to the summit at pt1661 and follow the ridge descending west, on the northern side of Steadman Creek – you’ll eventually pick up the poles again. Speargrass becomes thicker as you descend and is more-or-less continuous by the time you reach the Hokitika valley floor, where a cut track is visible coming up the valley from Bluff Hut.

Created by: Madpom on 2015-08-21. Experienced: 2007-03-21
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