Distance: 4.8 km (2.0 DOC hours) - Unmarked route, clear - Easy-moderate terrain
Altitude: 460m to 547m. Gain: 49m. Loss: 127m . Gradient: 2 deg (Flat)
Skills: - Occasional rivers (3/5)
GPX info source: Drawn on map

Good open river flats are present most of the way downstream from the Red / Glenrae forks to the park boundary at Glen Rae Hut. Travel is on the riverbed, crossing as required. Crossings were ankle to knee deep in average winter flows.

Glen Rae hut is only just visible on terraces west of the river. The climb to the hut is not marked and it is easy to miss.

Created by: Madpom on 2018-02-10. Experienced: 2017-07-17