Distance: 2.7 km (1.0 DOC hours) - Tramping track - Easy-moderate terrain
Altitude: 666m to 757m. Gain: 141m. Loss: 230m . Gradient: 8 deg (Gentle)
Skills: - Occasional rivers (3/5)
GPX info source: Uploaded from GPS

Travelling between Nina Hut and Lucretia biv, you can :
1. cross the Nina near the hut, travel on the old Nina hut tk, cross the Lucretia Stream and pick up the Lucretia biv track
2. walk down the Nina Track to the swingbridge, cross and come back up the track to the Lucretia Stream
3. walk down the Nina track, cross the Nina near the Lucretia Stream
This is option 3 - follow the Nina Track to just past the Lucretia Stream where the track drops back to near the river. Leave the track and cross the river and scramble back on to the Lucretia Tk - easy in low-normal flows.

Created by: Bernieq on 2018-02-25. Experienced: 2018-02-16