From Lake Cove to Edwardson Sound west shore via Edwardson Sound (packraft route)
Distance: 1.9 km (0.5 DOC hours) - Raft, kayak or float
Altitude: 0m to 9m. Gain: 0m. Loss: 9m . Gradient: 0 deg
Skills: - Raft, kayak or swim/float (6/6)
GPX info source: Drawn on map

Packraft route across sound.

Parties on foot report swimming / packfloating the narrowest point.

Access to water difficult on sound below Lake Cadman - steep scrubby shoreline with no obvious beaches.

Good put-in on gravel beaches south of the outlet of the creek draining the pass north of Mt Inaccessible. Good camping spots behind beach - e.g. 50m south of river but watch to keep out of flood channels of the creek.

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