Distance: 2.9 km (1.5 DOC hours) - Unmaintained track - Moderate terrain
Altitude: 1308m to 1666m. Gain: 418m. Loss: 117m . Gradient: 11 deg (Moderate-hard)
Skills: Alpine weather (2/7) Winter - Iceaxe/crampons (4/7)
GPX info source: Drawn on map

An unmaintained track climbs from Armstrong saddle to Te Atuaoparapara summit for spectacular views.

From Armstrong saddle, follow the track west towards Top Maropea Hut for 600m to where the track starts to drop north, and the ridgeline swings SSW. Follow the ridgeline SSW along a rough ground trail, dropping to a saddle and then climbing the pyramidal peak beyond. The trail up the lower section of the climb is indistinct - but at a push you can merely follow the ridgeline up. A ground trail becomes clearer higher up, cutting briefly onto the eastern face (don't go too far, you'll hit slips) before climbing to the first summit above.

Te Atuaoparapara is the second of two summits, and the views are spectacular.

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