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Mobile optimisation

Madpom > 2017/07/13 22:31

Fixed finally - a bugfix for OpenLayers has been posted which fixes the broken map buttons on newer touch devices. Sadly the 'fix' breaks map clicks using a mouse on touch-compatible devices (does anyone ever test anything before releasing?!)

So I have only enabled the touch-compatible version of openlayers for Android & IOS browsers ...

Which means if you want to use a mouse in Android, or touch in Windows Mobile ... tough.

Why is nothing ever easy?

(OpenLayers3 is the answer. Requiring a complete rewrite of the javascript on the site. And I have many more urgent things to do).

Madpom > 2017/02/12 15:44

Interesting Bernie. Having been given a Galaxy J2 phone by work, I now experience the same issue as you with the map buttons not working in Chrome. But on a GalaxyS3 with the same version of Chrome, all works fine. I'll take another look at this one now that I can reproduce the problem.

Bernieq > 2016/01/18 12:53

1. Hmm, still occurs for me (but not, when using Chrome on the PC). On all occasions (with two exceptions; see below), none of the buttons (yes, top left) respond to touch.
The two (separate) exceptions occurred as first action on home page - then no response afterwards.
a. the legend button outline changed from black to red
b. the legend showed as though the button had been touched twice (ie over the legend window was a 2nd legend window saying 'retrieving') - but no further response. Note, it may have been hit twice?!
I've not been able to repeat either of these actions.

All other matters resolved, it would appear :)

A great resource - thanks for the continuing work.

Madpom > 2016/01/17 09:06

I believe I've addressed several of the points below. let me know if any of them still give you problems.

1) I cannot reproduce with the latest chrome on my galaxy prime or using chrome's OS/browser simulators
2) Fixed - clicking on any link now reopens the info panel if it is hidden
3) Fixed - message text removed from text box once message/post is saved
4) Not done
5) Fixed - disabled caching of pages by the browser so this problem should not occur. You will have to delete your browser cache to get rid of older cached pages (ones you loaded before I fixed it) before this fix will work for you.
6) Should be fixed by above change (5)

Bernieq > 2016/01/12 23:36

Chrome (V 47.0.2526.83) on a Samsung Galaxy S5 - Chrome is the problem as the buttons work using the native browser (V 1.6.28) - I'll change my shortcut to use the native browser.

Not necessarily meaningful but ... I've only had the raw html after I've logged out.

Madpom > 2016/01/10 22:25

1) Buttons working ok for me (assume you mean the ones at the top-left of the map). What mobile device, OS and browser did you use?
2) Agree re: menus - will make the change you suggest.
3) Agree re message text - I'd notice that but forgotten about it
4) Agree re: two devices. The authentication / authorisation system I lifted from the ruby-on-rails tutorial is not designed to support multiple simultaneous logins for a single user. I think I can restructure it so that it does ... but will need extensive testing as there's lots to break.
5) Signing out. Yes - you can 'back' to signed in pages as these are retrieved from your local browser's cache and not served up by me - but you will not be allowed to perform any edits, saves etc as the server knows you are logged out. The only way round this that I thought of is deleting the entire browser cache for that tab - which seems a little drastic. There must be other solutions to avoid this though - I'll have to read up on it as banking apps successfully manage to stop this.
6) Back button (or browser returning to last page on startup) displays raw html. Yes - I've had many goes at solving that one. The problem is that each time you click on an internal link, we do not reload the whole page, just the relevant section of text needed for the info panel. That's all good because the app knows where to put the snippet it loads. But if the browser for some reason just tries to display this snippet it will fail as it doesn;t contain all the required HTML headers. I override the back button behaviour and force a complete reload of the previous page on the stack if back is clicked. So this _should_ never happen. But it does. Sometimes. And I'm at a loss as to why.

Bernieq > 2016/01/09 18:31

Also, shutting down the app is problematic - after signing out, hitting the 'back' button takes me back to previous (signed-in) page. A few more hits and it drops out to html txt and locks up.

After posting a reply, the text stays in the reply box so that, before any subsequent reply, the text has to be deleted.

BTW, it doesn't like logging in from two devices simultaneously - gets very confused.

Bernieq > 2016/01/09 18:11

You probably know this but none of the buttons work on mobile.

If displaying full map and a text-based menu item is selected (eg mail) display remains full map (better? to auto-change to map/text)

Bernieq > 2016/01/08 23:30

Looks good and works well on mobile - haven't found any bugs (yet :).

Madpom > 2016/01/03 14:29

I've tweaked a lot of stuff to make it display nicely on mobiles. This has involved:
- removing the drag-to-resize option for the two windows and replacing it with buttons to switch between 3 fixed settings.
- resizing fonts when display is smaller than 540 pixels

Let me know if any of this breaks anything, or if you find the new fonts too small