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Performance issues

Balrog > 2016/04/24 14:45

Stick Varnish in front of it? I'm certainly no Varnish expert, but that should theoretically smooth out that sort of problem.

Madpom > 2016/02/21 09:18

I found and have fixed the cause of slow loading. The issue occurred on pages with adjoining routes that have large GPX files. Repeated excessive (and unnecessary) processing of those GPX files was the cause This has hopefully been resolved by some streamlining of the processing to avoid duplication, and by using the database's inbuilt GIS functionality rather than step-by-step parsing of the files. Processing times in excess of 10 seconds are now in the order of 100ms!

There may still be other locations where loading is slow - please let me know if you find any.

Madpom > 2016/02/08 21:13

The site is having performance issues at present ... certain pages are taking ages to load and when search engines hammer those pages the site grinds to a halt. I have some ideas as to the cause but need time to investigate. Given I'm away on work on and off for the next 8 weeks this issue could be around for a while. Sorry.