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Printing maps

Madpom > 2015/08/27 07:03

Saving of hi-res maps is now working. Just click on the save button, select the paper size and resolution, and click 'download image'. A new window / tab will open and the map will be loaded. Once download is complete the image will be saved as a file. If you select the higher resolutions, the resulting file is quite large and may take a minute or two to download on slow connections.

You can then print the map you've saved at full-resolution using your computer's image printing software. This approach of saving then printing is preferable as browsers will only print at screen resolution, resulting in very grainy maps.

For those with GIS software I've included options to download the corresponding PGW and PRJ files that tell your software the coordinated for the map you've downloaded. All downloaded maps are in NZTM2000 (EPSG:2193) projection. If you rename the map files you need to rename the corresponding PGW and PRJ files too.

Madpom > 2015/08/26 16:37

Printing of maps is currently unavailable. This is because the 'bigger better' map saving and printing functionality from mapspast is being implemented on routeguides. This will allow full 300dpi A4 and A3 maps to be downloaded and printed, rather than just whatever pixels are in the current window.

Hopefully the service will be available in the next few days.