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Trips trip ups

Madpom > 2014/12/20 12:43

Ok. I've not taken all your recommendations at this stage, but I taken the idea of making a one-stop-shop for managing your trips. Me->My Trips now lists all your trips, lets you select which one is current, lets your add and delete trips.

I've also removed the Add Trips from the Add menu as there is no indication from there of the fact that it does more than creating a new trip (i.e. changing your current trip, etc). By putting all the trip management in the one place I hope it's simpler ...

Thoughts and feedback welcome.

Hugh vn > 2014/12/18 23:16

I haven't tried to think it all thru - but off the top of my head - Just have a list of trips, from where a new one can be made, any existing trip can be deleted or opened for editing. Instead of having a 'current' trip, open one at a time for editing, and only while a trip is open and you browse to other pages views etc an 'add to trip' button (routes, places ...) or a link to trip button (other stories, photos....) is available on every other item viewed. "Open for editing' trips can be saved published (or unpublished) and closed.

Madpom > 2014/12/18 15:49

Meanwhile ... I found the cause of your problems. We decided to make 'real' names mandatory, and so only allow users to be saved where a firstname and lastname had been specified. Unfortunately some older accounts were created without a 'real' name for the user- which is causing any action which saves data to the user table to fail. And as changing the current trip involves saving the user, that save is being disallowed.

I've temporarily worked around this by setting the firstname and lastname to 'anon' for all accounts where no real names have been entered.

Could you enter your real first and last names against your profile? That will fix the issue properly for you. (Me -> profile, Edit , Enter firstname and lastname, Save Changes).

Madpom > 2014/12/18 15:18

Ok. I will look at why the add / save is not changing your current trip ... but from the frustration level it sounds like there may be more fundamental changes required to the way trips work ...

Do you think the way we 'add this to my trip' - styled on the shopping cart - approach works? I can rework it so that you simply edit a trip and add links to routes / places from there using search boxes (like we do for stories) if that would seem more usable. Or maybe include both options ...

Are there any other changes you can think of that would make the whole trip process less frustrating? or is it just the bugs that are getting to you?

Hugh vn > 2014/12/15 11:36

Add - Trip - rename - Save has not resulted in a new current trip or undefaulted my "Pell stream" trip. Add - Trip creates a new 'default' trip under my name (at one stage I had 6 or more without knowing it) but doesn't seem to change my 'current' trip.

I'm finding the process for creating editing saving trips terminally frustrating.