Park Id:
National Parks Act 1980 s.4 - National Park
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Minor reserve?


Bedford Valley (Campspot)
Blue Pools Carpark (Other)
Blue Pools/Makarora RIver swing bridges (Bridge)
Brewster Hut (Hut)
Cameron Flat (Roadend)
Cameron Hut (Hut)
Cascade Saddle (Other)
Chinamans Bluff roadend (Roadend)
Clarke Slip (Campsite)
Colin Todd Hut (Hut)
Crucible Lake (Waterbody)
Daleys Flat Hut (Hut)
Dart Hut (Hut)
Davis Flat Car Park (Locality)
Double Barrel Creek flats (Locality)
Earnslaw Hut (Hut)
Emily Basin (Locality)
Emily Creek Bridge (Bridge)
Esquilant Bivvy Hut (Hut)
Fiery Col (Pass)
Fohn Lakes (Campspot)
Fraser Col (Pass)
French Ridge Hut (Hut)
Head of Makarora RIver (Locality)
Hunter Creek Junction (Other)
Hunter Creek West & South Branch Junction (Junction)
Kea Basin rock biv (Rock Biv)
Kea Biv (Rock Biv)
Lake Castalia (Waterbody)
Lake Nerine Camp Spot (Campspot)
Lake Sylvan carpark (Roadend)
Lake Unknown Bivy Rock (Rock Biv)
Lake Unknown western inlet stream (Waterbody)
Lake Wilson Campsite (Campspot)
Liverpool Hut (Hut)
Lower East Matukituki camp spot (Campspot)
Makarora Hut (Hut)
Momus Stream/ Rockburn confluence (River Crossing)
Mt Armstrong (Summit)
Mt Cross (Summit)
Mt Earnslaw East Peak (Summit)
Mt Head (Summit)
Mt Head Campsite (Campspot)
Mt Pollux (Summit)
Mt Pollux Campspot (Campspot)
Mt Shrimpton track bushline (Junction)
Nereus Peak Ridge (Summit)
Okuru (Waterbody)
Olivine Hut (Hut)
Paddy's Point (Lookout)
Pearl Flat track junction (Junction)
Pylon (Other)
Pyramid Lake camp (Bridge)
Rock Burn Rock Bivvy (Rock Biv)
Rockburn hut ruin (Campspot)
Routeburn Falls Hut (Hut)
Routeburn Flats Hut (Hut)
Routeburn Shelter (Roadend)
Saddle between Pt1633 and Mt Nox (Pass)
Scott/Kowhai Saddle (Pass)
Scotts Rock Bivouac (Rock Biv)
Shelter Rock Hut (Hut)
Siberia Hut (Hut)
Siberia Hut (Hut)
Split Rock Biv - Beansburn (Rock Biv)
Tarn at pt 1445 (Waterbody)
Theater Flat Campspot (Campspot)
Top Forks Hut (Hut)
Top Forks Old Hut (Hut)
Track Junction (Junction)
Track point (Other)
Upper Blue Flats (Campspot)
Upper Blue Flats (Campspot)
Upper Fish Creek (Campspot)
Upper Fish Creek (Campspot)
Upper Howe Creek (Campspot)
Upper Howe Creek (Campspot)
Upper Ruth Flat Rock Bivvy (Rock Biv)
Wills Hut (Hut)
Young Hut (Hut)
Young North Branch Camp Site (Campsite)