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  • Fp climb thumb
    Climb to Fohn Pass
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • 39 colensohut thumb
    Colenso Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Dandeyssaddle thumb
    Dandeys Saddle from Ballarat Creek
    by Madpom (last updated 2016-01-02)
  • Imgp0622 thumb
    Dead Dog Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-12-22)
  • Lochnagar decent thumb
    Decent route to Lochnagar
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2016-02-20)
  • Imgp0071 thumb
    Descent from Mt Donald into Kiwi Flat
    by Madpom (last updated 2019-03-22)
  • Imgp0050 thumb
    Descent into the head of Twin Falls creek from saddle 1099 with the Doon
    by Madpom (last updated 2019-03-22)
  • Cimg1827 thumb
    Descent Route from Emily Pass to Lake Mackenzie
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-10)
  • Duckpondhut thumb
    Duckpond Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-19)
  • Imgp0352 duckvillehut thumb
    Duckville Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Matakitaki hut thumb
    East Matakitaki Hut
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • Matukituki cliff thumb
    East Matukituki Cliff route
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2018-03-10)
  • Matukituki cliff 2 thumb
    East Matukituki Cliff route 2
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-08-06)
  • Fig9a the upper east matakitaki valley 2021 01 11 10.56.14 thumb
    Fig 9a The upper East Matakitaki valley
    by Millera (last updated 2022-05-01)
  • 12 thirdlakeofstaircase thumb
    Florence: 3rd lake of staircase
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-11-09)
  • Fohn thumb
    Fohn Lakes
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • Fraser creek thumb
    Fraser Creek Head
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-08-15)
  • 20170503 161234 thumb
    Garston Ski Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2017-05-03)
  • 50 glacierburn descentfromsleepyhollowmarked thumb
    Glacier Burn to Sleepy Hollow - route
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-06-21)
  • 47 screedescentintoglacierburn thumb
    Glacier Burn to Sleepy Hollow - scree chute
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-06-21)