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  • P1200115 thumb
    Mt Huxley tarn
    by Raphaƫl Cuisset (last updated 2017-03-19)
  • Imgp0348 ohutustr thumb
    Ohutu Stream
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Imgp0158 thumb
    Old Basins Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-11-16)
  • Imgp0360 ongaonga thumb
    Ongaonga on track from Ohutu to Duckville
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Cimg1751 thumb
    Paddy's Point and Routeburn Falls Hut
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-10)
  • Imgp0399 papanuihut thumb
    Papanui Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Park pass thumb
    Park Pass tarn
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • Homehills slipcreek pass thumb
    Pass into Slip Flat Stream from Home Hill
    by Madpom (last updated 2016-01-02)
  • Lochnager sidle thumb
    Pine Creek sidle to Lochnagar
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2016-02-20)
  • Rabbit pass thumb
    Rabbit Pass from the Wilkin Waterfall
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-08-06)
  • 20121107 200147 thumb
    Rangiwahia Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-03-07)
  • 12 rockslidehut thumb
    Rockslide Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-12-21)
  • Cimg1734 thumb
    Routeburn Flats from Paddy's Point
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-10)
  • Livingstone mountains thumb
    Routes in the upper Ukerora River
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-23)
  • Img 0815 thumb
    Routes into and out of Emily Basin
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-10)
  • Tyndall burn thumb
    Routes to Shotover Saddle in the Tyndall Creek valley
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2016-03-08)
  • Img 0852 thumb
    Route to Brewster Glacier
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-10)
  • Imgp0363 saddlehut thumb
    Saddle Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Srh thumb
    Shelter Rock Hut and swingbridge
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-07-09)
  • Imgp0594 thumb
    Shutes Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-12-22)