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  • Ln sidle thumb
    Sidling towards Lake Nerine
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • 36 sleepyhollow thumb
    Sleepy Hollow and pass into the Dart
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-06-21)
  • Slipstream steelcrk pass thumb
    Slip Stream to Steele Creek pass
    by Madpom (last updated 2016-01-02)
  • Sthhuxley hunter pass thumb
    South Huxley Hunter Pass route
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-11-19)
  • Imgp0653 thumb
    Sparrowhawk Biv
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-12-21)
  • Speargrass thumb
    Speargrass Hut
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • Split rock thumb
    Split Rock Biv - Beansburn
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • Splugeons thumb
    Splugeons Rock Shelter
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-07-08)
  • 20210125 144618 thumb
    spur down south-east face of Ngapuketurua to saddle at the head of Rangitikei R
    by Brett Shirreffs (last updated 2021-01-31)
  • Sunset thumb
    Sunset below Sunset Peak
    by bernieq (last updated 2015-08-01)
  • Imgp0248 thumb
    Taheke Saddle to Worsley Pass
    by Madpom (last updated 2018-02-27)
  • 20121118 081149 thumb
    Tarn Biv
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-03-07)
  • Imgp0606 thumb
    Taruarau Biv
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-12-22)
  • Imgp0660 thumb
    Te Atuaoparapara - southern descent
    by Madpom (last updated 2014-12-22)
  • Tom thumb saddle thumb
    Tom Thumb Saddle from Black Birch Creek (south)
    by Madpom (last updated 2016-01-02)
  • Imgp0005 thumb
    Triangle Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-03-08)
  • Dsc08272 001 thumb
    Tunnel Creek Hut
    by H van Noorden (last updated 2014-11-25)
  • Imgp0374 twainhut thumb
    Twain Hut
    by Madpom (last updated 2015-04-18)
  • Kaye creek thumb
    Unnamed Kaye Creek Route
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-18)
  • Img 0811 thumb
    Upper Climb to Emily Pass
    by Yarmoss (last updated 2015-07-10)