NZTM2000: 1912872, 5693923 (alt: 955m)

The chimney and fireplace which are all that remain of the former Matakuhia Saddle hut marks the start of the Matakuhia Valley track to Upper and Lower Matakuhia Huts. The roadend has parking space, and is 200m south of the main forestry road, which also leads to the Pukahunui Roadend for access to Upper Te Hoe and Upper Whirinaki Huts.

The junction to turn off to the roadend is NOT signposted - a crossroads where the road crosses the summit of an obvious ridge. The main access road is 2wd accessible, but the track for the last 200m to the roadend may only be suitable for 4WD in the wet.

The access road is a legal road, and as such should be open to public vehicles unless logging operations cause the operators to close it. The area around the roadend has been clear-felled recently (2014) and so should not be an issue.

Created by: Madpom on 2014-09-09