NZTM2000: 1964125, 5736754 (alt: 482m)

On my one visit, the rats had chewed up magazines, sleeping bags, mattresses, food left in the hut - the place was 4" deep in chewed up stuff and droppings. An absolute state. It took 2 hours to clean the place out enough to even think of bringing my pack in. Discarded clothing lay scattered everywhere. The cupboards full of rotting food. The remains of a deer carcass 10m from the door. But at least we had a good bonfire - synthetic sleeping bags burn very well - don't ever smoke in one!

The hut, once clean slept 3 on a single platform bunk, plus 1.5 more mattresses. Good woodburner, and plenty of driftwood wood around in the creekbed. Oh, and did I mention the rats?

Maybe someone's put some bait-stations in by now. You can only hope.

Basic Hut/bivvy

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