NZTM2000: 2010763, 5782381 (alt: 226m)

Mangakirikiri Hut is a standard 6-bunk NZFS hut (SF70?) with open fire place and tank water. Sadly, it does not look down over the Motu, but you’ll have to make do with views of the valleyside opposite. A separate smaller hut with corrugated iron walls and no floor acts as woodshed. The hut gets a couple of pages-worth of visitors per year – mainly rafters heading down the Motu, and a few hunters- many doing both. One or two parties a year seem to attempt the east-west crossing. People accessing on foot are split fairly evenly between those who head down the Motu from Otipo Rd and those who drop into Mangamate/Mangakirikiri Stream.

Standard Hut

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