Help - Contributing new routes to this site

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All route-guides on this site are stored as 'routes', made up of one or more route-segments.  So if you wish to add route information, then a route is what you need to add:

1) Start by adding a route:  Add -> Route

2) Select / create the start place of the route

All routes start at a place.  Use the map to locate the start of the route you are adding.  If a place already exists at that location (a symbol is shown on the map there) then select it using the  icon and clicking on the place on the map.  Then click the tick  to confirm your choice. 
If the start location does not yet exist as a place (there is no symbol there on the map), then click the green plus  to create it.  See the help on adding a place for more information. 

2) Select / create the next place along your route

A route can consist of many segments.  If your route passes intermediate places (huts, major track junctions, etc) on the way, consider breaking it down and ending the first route segment at that location, then adding further route segments for the rest of the route.

Repeat the steps used to create the start place to select / create the next place on your route - the location where the section of the route you are about to describe ends.

3) Add the details of the first segment of your route.  

See help on adding route segments for more information. 

The most important route guide information is actually in the 'description' and the 'route points' of a route segment

4) Keep adding places and route segments until your route is complete

Once you have created the first segment and saved it, you will be prompted to select / create the next place on your route (scroll to the bottom of the screen to see this).  If you have more sections of your route to add, go back to step 2 (above) and keep adding route segments until your entire route is described.  When you've finished and saved all your sections you can simply navigate away from the page. 


If someone else has already added your 'Place' or 'Route segment' (which you will see when looking at the map), its better to edit, add to, or use the existing item and so avoid duplication.

Breaking routes down at intermediate points can be a pain, but makes it much easier for others to later add routes which fork off your route.  Don't break your route at every spur and waterway, but consider breaking it at huts and major track junctions.

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