From Shotover Saddle to Tummel Burn Hut via Tyndall Creek "middle" route
Distance: 7.7 km (7.0 DOC hours) - Unmarked route, clear - Hard terrain
Altitude: 778m to 1546m. Gain: 900m. Loss: 1592m . Gradient: 19 deg (Moderate)
Skills: Alpine weather (2/7) - Streams (2/6)
GPX info source: Uploaded from GPS

This is the 'middle' route sidling down the Tyndall at around 1200m. It is also possible to sidle out to the eastern valleyside at the height of the pass and follow that ridgeline to the confluence. That route passes through one band of bluffs and so some visibility would be useful.

Note that the attached gpx route drops too low in the middle section of the sidle and has to climb again - this can be avoided by not dropping whilst sidling.

Tyndall creek on the south side of the saddle descends to the valley floor via a waterfall, and so should not be followed . Instead follow the spur west of the creek down into the basin below, rejoining the creek at the first minor forks at around 1250m. Cross the creek to flats on the eastern side of the creek, cross the brief flats and from there sidle downriver keeping roughly the same altitude. At first there is a bit of low scrub, but soon you end up in good tussock, which slowly deteriorates back to knee high scrub as you head down valley. There are occasional steep sections and bluffs but they can easily be passed above or below as seems best. Do not be tempted by deer trails dropping into basins below - the scrub there is a nightmare. If in doubt - climb rather than descend.

Eventually the ridgeline to the east drops towards you. Sidle onto the ridge and follow it down towards where Tyndall Stream emerges onto Junction Flat. The eastern side of the ridgeline consists of sheer bluffs dropping all the way to the Tummel Burn below, but the western side is gentle tussock basins. At times Tummel Burn Hut can be seen - a very small dot almost vertically below on the flats. Occasional cairns will appear as you start to hit low scrub, followed by a single warratah with a white marker on top. It is important to locate this warratah, as continuing down the spur beyond it leads to impenetrable scrub and then bluffs.

At the warratah, sidle 50m right (i.e. back up the Tyndall Creek) through thick scrub, and drop into the basin of the side-creek to the NW of the spur we have been descending. The creek / gut is fairly open at first and can be descended with care down gravel chutes and short grass. In lower sections the route enters stunted bush on the TL of the gut for a while. The gut/creek drops into Tyndall Creek in a gorge 200m above Junction Flat. Moirs mentions a route sidling above the gorge, but it was not obvious to me.

The brief gorge can be descended with care on the TL with a bit of scrambling over boulders, crossing to the TR when the stream levels out as it approaches Junction Flat. Tummel Burn Hut is 50m from the start of the flats on the TL and is obvious.

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