Distance: 3.5 km (2.0 DOC hours) - Unmarked route, clear - Easy-moderate terrain
Altitude: 1131m to 1362m. Gain: 103m. Loss: 325m . Gradient: 7 deg (Gentle)
Skills: Alpine weather (2/7) Winter - Snow/ice underfoot (2/7)
GPX info source: Drawn on map

I walked this in thick fog on a bearing. Broad featureless tops lead NNE from the top of the Cow Saddle track towards Cattle Ridge Hut. No obvious ground trail is present but it is easy going on low-to-rolling tussocks. Cattle Ridge Hut lies off the main ridge in a basin to the east. The descent is obvious if you have visibility as the hut can be seen for a kilometer or so before you reach it. In fog it is harder to locate an good map/compass skills are required as the turnoff is not marked.

Created by: Madpom on 2015-06-21. Experienced: 2010-06-24