Park Id:
Conservation Act 1987 s.19 - Conservation Park
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Minor reserve?


Alpha Hut (Hut)
Anderson Memorial Hut (Hut)
Angle Knob (Summit)
Aokaparangi (Summit)
Aokaparangi Hut (Hut)
Arawaru Route / Loop Track junction (Junction)
Arete / Te Matawai / Mangahao track Jn (Junction)
Arete Forks Hut (Hut)
Arete Hut (Hut)
Arete Peak (Summit)
Aston (Junction)
Atiwhakatu Hut (Hut)
Atiwhakatu/Baldy Junction (Junction)
Baber Forks (Junction)
Baldy Junction (Junction)
Bannister Peak (Summit)
Blackwater Stream / Ohau River confluence (Junction)
Blue Range Hut (Hut)
Blue Range Hut turnoff (Junction)
Bridge Peak (Junction)
Brockett highpoint (Junction)
Bull Mound turnoff (Junction)
Burn Hut (Hut)
Carkeek Hut (Hut)
Cattle Ridge Hut (Hut)
College Creek track / Main Range Jn (Junction)
Cone (Summit)
Cone / Totora / Neills track Jn (Junction)
Cone Hut (Hut)
Cone Saddle (Junction)
Cone/Waiohine Junction (Junction)
Cow Creek Hut (Hut)
Cow Saddle (Junction)
Cow Saddle / Cow Creek / Blue Range Jn (Junction)
Donnelly Flat Gentle Annie Junction (Junction)
Dorset Hut turnoff (pt1355) (Junction)
Dorset Ridge Hut (Hut)
Dracophyllum Hut (Hut)
Dundas Hut (Hut)
Dundas Hut (Hut)
East Peak (Summit)
Elder Hut (Hut)
End of 666 logging track (Junction)
Field Hut (Hut)
Forks below Waiotauru Hut (Junction)
Former Dobson Hut site (Junction)
Former Haukura Biv site (Junction)
Girdlestone (Summit)
Girdlestone Saddle (Pass)
Herepai Hut (Hut)
Holdsworth Lodge (Hut)
Holdsworth/Kaitoke track Jn (Junction)
Intersection of Te Mara track with Cow Creek track (Junction)
Island Forks Hut (Hut)
Island Range turnoff (Junction)
Island range / Kakapakanui Jn (Junction)
Jacks Flat Biv (Hut)
Jumbo (Summit)
Jumbo Hut (Hut)
Jumbo/Atiwhakatu Jn (Junction)
Junction Knob (Junction)
Junction Waitewaewae-Thompson Ridge & spur into Waikawa Stream (Junction)
Kaitoke Roadend (Roadend)
Kapakapanui Highpoint (Summit)
Kapakapanui Hut (Hut)
Kime Hut (Hut)
Kime shortcut turnoff (Junction)
Kiriwhakapapa Campground (Campsite)
Mangaterere Road (Roadend)
Massey Knob (Junction)
Maungahuka Hut (Hut)
Maymorn Junction (Junction)
McGregor Biv Junction (Junction)
McGregor Bivvy (Hut)
McIntosh Jn (Junction)
Mick (Junction)
Mid King Bivvy (Hut)
Mid Otaki Bio Hut (Hut)
Mid Waiohine Hut (Hut)
Middle King (Junction)
Mitre Flats Hut (Hut)
Mountain House shelter (Hut)
Mt Hector (Summit)
Mt Holdsworth (Summit)
Neill Forks Hut (Hut)
Ngatiawa River turnoff (Junction)
Nichols Hut (Hut)
North Mangahao Bivvy (Hut)
North Ohau / South Ohau Rivers confluence (Junction)
North Ohau Hut (Hut)
Notoriwa (Summit)
Old Mill Site, Waikawa Stream (Other)
Oriwa water tank (Campspot)
Otaki Forks (Roadend)
Parawai Lodge (Hut)
Parks Forks (Junction)
Patupaiareha Saddle (Pass)
Penn Creek / Fields track junction (Junction)
Penn Creek Hut (Hut)
Powell Hut (Hut)
Pukeatua-Kapakapanui Jn (Junction)
Pukematawai (Junction)
Puketurua Track summit (Junction)
Punga camp (Hut)
Pylon Track / Puffer Saddle route junction (Junction)
Renata Hut (Hut)
Richards Knob (Junction)
Ridge 601 junction (Junction)
River Ridge Junction (Junction)
River Ridge-Pig Flat Junction (Junction)
Roaring Stag / Herepai Jn (Junction)
Roaring Stag Hut (Hut)
Ruamahanga/Cleft Crk confluence (Junction)
Ruapae Highpoint (Junction)
Saddle between Waikawa Stream and West Waitewaewae River (Pass)
Sayers Hut (Hut)
Schoolhouse Flat campsite (Campsite)
Shingle Slip Plane Crash (Other)
Smiths Creek Shelter (Hut)
Snowy River camp (Campspot)
South Ohau Hut (Hut)
Tangata Maunga (Summit)
Tarn Ridge / Dorset Ridge Jn (Junction)
Tarn Ridge Hut (Hut)
Te Mara (Summit)
Te Mara (Summit)
Te Matawai Hut (Hut)
Te Matewai Track (Junction)
Totara Flats Hut (Hut)
Track Jn (Junction)
Tregar / Snowy confluence (Junction)
Tutuwai Hut (Hut)
Waikawa Valley Thompson Track junction (Junction)
Waikawa campground (Campsite)
Waingawa peak (Summit)
Waiohine Pinnacles (Junction)
Waiopehu / Six Disk junction (Junction)
Waiopehu Highpoint (Summit)
Waiotauru Forks (Junction)
Waiotauru roadend (Roadend)
Waitewaewae (Summit)
Waitewaewae - Otaki Forks Junction (Junction)
Waitewaewae - Thompson ridge junction (Junction)
Waitewaewae Hut (Hut)
Yeates/Dora track Jn (Junction)
pinnacle spur bushline (Other)
pt1094 (Junction)
pt1360 (Junction)
pt1415 (Junction)
pt1434 (Junction)
pt594 - Snowy/Tregar ridge (Junction)
pt600 (Junction)