Splitting routes 1 messages - Latest: 2015/07/16 07:55

Madpom >
It is now possible to split existing route segments into two parts. This is handy if you want to add a route that branches off an existing route part way along, and feel that the new route is important enough to warrant splitting the old route a ... (more)

Routes needing times adding - have you been on these routes? 1 messages - Latest: 2015/07/09 08:06

Madpom >
The following routes have no time against them. If anyone reading this has been there and knows how long it takes, could they edit the route and put the time in for us? 403 - Homer Tunnel East Portal to Gulliver Road End via The Grave Talbo ... (more)

Time and description in routes - what do you think? 2 messages - Latest: 2015/07/07 15:37

Yarmoss >
Good call, Matt. Some squiggly lines drawn on a map would be a lot more use with a description and an estimated time. Shame, as the ones I think you are talking about were exactly in the area you and I were discussing a few weeks ago. Hopefully t ... (more)

New features 4 messages - Latest: 2015/06/26 21:40

Madpom >
All users can now create trips - you don't need to sign up or sign in. When you view a route or place, simply click 'Add to Trip' to start building up your own journey. You can find all the routes you've added in 'My Trip' on the menu bar.

Want to show or hide your real name? 2 messages - Latest: 2015/06/21 05:54

Madpom >
Much discussion was had when developing this site over whether to display real names or just nicknames. The argument, a valid one, was put that real names are essential to a user when assessing the reliability of any contributions. So real names ... (more)

Historic maps 3 messages - Latest: 2015/06/11 13:33

Madpom >
Check out http://mapspast.org.nz for more historic maps!

Banana tarn pass 10 messages - Latest: 2015/04/19 07:03

Madpom >
That looks a great route! I've sat on the ridgeline opposite across the Ahuriri one smoko getting more and more excited as I realised it looked like it might be doable. It's been top of my list to try as soon as I get back down there. Great to kn ... (more)

Next weeks trip 2 messages - Latest: 2015/03/19 20:20

Me+wife >
Hi, this is a hike I am taking my wife on next week, we will fly to Boyd and walk from there. http://routeguides.co.nz/trips/77 What is everyone thoughts is it going to be packed with hunters we don't like the idea of being shot but we well be ... (more)

Slow loading issues 1 messages - Latest: 2015/03/18 18:05

Madpom >
The bug causing routes with loops in them to be suggested has been resolved.

Saving from stuff ups 1 messages - Latest: 2014/12/20 20:23

Madpom >
The alert (dialog box) is built into the browsers, positioning is browser-specific, and cannot be controlled by the application. There are various javascript-based alternatives to produce dialog boxes over which you have more control, but for the ... (more)

Trips trip ups 3 messages - Latest: 2014/12/20 12:43

Madpom >
Ok. I've not taken all your recommendations at this stage, but I taken the idea of making a one-stop-shop for managing your trips. Me->My Trips now lists all your trips, lets you select which one is current, lets your add and delete trips. ... (more)

Page element sizing 24 messages - Latest: 2014/12/12 18:11

Madpom >
Yes. Spotted that one too. Means going through and changing the way I do indents. Will get onto it next day off. By the way you can also now resize the map by dragging the small bar you see between the 2 panels at the top of the screen if you wan ... (more)

What help is needed before you start? 1 messages - Latest: 2014/12/03 11:24

Madpom >
Yes. Agree with all that speculation. But have no firm answers to any of it. Unless someone comes up with a better suggestion, I keep plodding along - fixing bugs and improving usability issues, and adding more data. This will either result i ... (more)

Editing route segment track points 1 messages - Latest: 2014/12/03 11:18

Madpom >
Yes. That is what I'd expect. The existing routes and places shown on the map come directly from the database to openlayers. They will not be changed until the database has been updated - i.e. upon successful save. The blue line and the stars ... (more)

Small scale map not aligning with route segments 1 messages - Latest: 2014/12/01 22:44

Madpom >
A quick look around the applications on my PC - Word, Excel, ArcGIS etc and none of them do that. The hint for a button always shows what the button does when enabled, and does not change just because the button is currently in enabled state. ... (more)

But wait ... 1 messages - Latest: 2014/11/29 21:57

Hugh vn >
"Loading ..." sometimes appears! When I reclick on a routesegment it comes u in maybe 2 secs so something is caching

Wanted 2 messages - Latest: 2014/11/29 21:54

Hugh vn >
tonight when I click a route segment on the map, it changes colour, then it does load the route segment info on the right but slowly -- can take 6 -10 secs? - (i'm not having any other speed or connection issues at present) -- while I'm wa ... (more)

More map zooming 3 messages - Latest: 2014/11/22 22:44

Hugh vn >
ctrl f5 .... now zoom out ..... both islands map disappears and routes stay visible probably as simple .... at least its consistent and the difference between the islands seems to be a cache issue. Why not just leave places and routes of ... (more)

How reliable is the info? 1 messages - Latest: 2014/11/15 17:08

Madpom >
Yep - Sth island Cragieburn. Hamilton Hut -> long creek -> Back Basin Hide -> Tobacco Range -> Avoca Hut -> Sphynx saddle -> Anticrow Hut -> Bealey Spur Hut -> Hotel. Wonderful trip - can;t wait till we can move back home to the mainland for ... (more)

Forum - messages 6 messages - Latest: 2014/11/10 19:43

Hugh vn >
don't display the message form or any toolbar till its needed? So open the subject/conversation most recent at the top, with 'reply' and 'new subject' buttons also at the top - that open appropriate message entering form. Or a gmail style ... (more)

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